It was on Monday that law enforcement officials disclosed that the Texas church gunman was having domestic dispute with his family. The massacre of more than two dozen churchgoers is a matter that has left quite a large number of people baffled. It is said that the youngest was 18 years old and some of the gunman’s relatives were in the same church.

It was in the same day that Air Force conducted an internal review and it intended to cite reasons as to why it had been reluctant to offer crucial information to the FBI. Such information could have been helpful in helping the FBI bar the attacker from making the purchase of the fire arms.

Devin Patrick Kelley, who is 26 at the moment served in the air force for quite some time. The general court martial has proceeded to charge this gunman on two charges of domestic assault. The Air Force through a statement disclosed that his offense had not been entered into the national database and that was a clear sign that he had passed background checks to buy the weapons.

Kelley served 12 months in confinement after he was convicted on charges of assaulting his stepson and wife. He was later on let off the hook with a bad-conduct discharge. The federal law had proceeded to prohibit him from purchasing or possessing firearms after the conviction and that was according to an Air Force spokeswoman, Ann Stefanek.

On the aftermath of Sunday’s attack, a number of investigators came forward to question how the gunman was able to make the purchase the weapons as well as pass the background checks for jobs. It was clear that the Air Force’s oversight apparently allowed the gunman to make the purchase despite the fact that the law had stopped him from doing so.

Authorities haven’t yet publicly identified the motive behind the attack. However, through a statement they expressed a strong sentiment that the shooting wasn’t at all fueled by religious or racial issues. The rest of the rampages at the U.S houses of worship have been fueled by such factors.