There are rumors in circulation that a new Android TV player will most probably be unveiled soon. A report out of the Cord Cutters News is in a way pointing towards this rumor as well.

Some people familiar with the matter have outline that the device is in one way or the other affiliated with Google. That is indeed beyond each and every Android TV device coming running on Google’s Android TV platform. The mainstream suggestion at the moment is that this might be a follow up device to the Xiaomi Mi Box or a ‘Pixel Player.’

To be more precise, the report doesn’t in any manner indicate that a Mi Box 2 might soon be unveiled. On the contrary, it stipulates that a new Android TV device might soon be launched. A consensus was recently arrived at by both Xiaomi and Google over the Mi Box.

Of course matters might get convoluted resulting into this not hitting market as a Pixel-branded Android TV device. However, it would be understandable incase one regarded it to be as a result of a third-party manufacturer working in conjunction with Google on the device.

The next example is the Nexus Player which despite having been a Google-affiliated product was an Android TV device produced by ASUS. Looking at matters from a speculative point of view could lead one into the speculation that Google and ASUS were planning on striking a partnership. As a matter of fact the goal would be to come together in the production of the newest version of the Nexus Player.

The report says that none of the stipulated information is confirmed to this point in time. This sparks more confusion regarding when the device might be unveiled. Some people had jumped into the conclusion that it would be launched this fall.

A spokesperson working with Google has opined that soon the provider might be unveiling its latest Pixel smartphones. On top of these will be the unveiling of the rest of the hardware the provider has in store.