Apple just launched its latest Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch with LTE connectivity- a move it hopes will help it generate higher revenues. The top end feature is expected to impress a lot of users since they will no longer be compelled to keep their iPhones nearby in order to operate its wide array of features.

This is the most recent move by the provider and it targets making its watches less reliant on its iPhones. The current move pulls a long at a point when the provider has been busy working on adding GPS functionality to last year’s Series 2 model.

September 15 is the date set for the Preordering of the new watch before it is eventually unveiled in September 22.Users will be able to enjoy great freedom considering that it will be possible for them to run with just their watches yet remain connected. Apple asserts that all the third-party apps will be working over cellular as well.

If matters move according to plan, users will most probably be able to stream Apple Music content from the wrist. A barometric altimeter that is enabled to measure the altitude of an object above a fixed level and a faster dual core processor are some of the things that those users that will buy the new watch will be enjoying.

Most of the Fitbit fitness trackers have majorly assisted in the detection of flights of stairs that users have been climbing over the years and that is because they were fitted with altimeters.

Asides from the watch’s antenna being built into the screen, it has also   been using a smaller electronic SIM card rather than a standard SIM.

The company’s spokesperson opines, “The new watch will come with Apple’s latest smartwatch software preinstalled, dubbed WatchOS 4, which brings improvements to the watch’s heart rate monitoring and other new features.”

This company has been quite resilient in business over the years overcoming a myriad of challenges on its way and the recent developments will make the provider even more competitive in the market.