Jared Kushner who is President Trump’s adviser on Sunday disclosed that the U.S leader understood what he was doing intervening in the peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. Trump is confident that the U.S intervention might help counter Islamist extremism and the Iranian aggression.

While speaking to a number of the Middle East experts, Kushner stated, “If we’re going to try to create more stability in the region as a whole, you have to solve this issue. Trump sees this as something that has to be solved.”

It goes without saying that the ultimate deal Trump kept emphasizing during his early days in office isn’t turning out to be what a lot of citizens thought it would be. To this point there hasn’t yet been any public indication regarding exactly where the initiative is headed to.

A senior Israeli official in a recent interview said that a large section of the coalition might not show compliance if it happens that the two states will be in there. According to him, any effort to establish a Palestinian state in any form would be interpreted as a strategy to bring to knees the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This might spark about a major scuffle and the whole world is closely watching to see how matters unfold.

Rumors have been flying around some purporting that there is a plan underway to bring Arabs onboard in a bid to pile pressure on Palestinians. On the other hand, These Arabs might be giving Israel rewards and this was said by Hanan Ashrawi who is a member of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Anxiety is gripping quite a large number of people following the news that Trump was set to declare U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the one and only capital of Israel. PLO Secretary General Saeb Erekat made his statement outlining that if the move will be executed it will move a long way towards promoting disrespect for global institutions and law and Anarchy as well.