North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un in the course of 2017 has significantly captured headlines and that was in line with keeping the entire world at the edge with his nuclear and long-range missile tests. He is not about to stop since in his recent statement he outlined that the world should prepare for more of such provocations in 2018.

It is a matter that has caught quite many by surprise to learn that he had on Tuesday deftly seized on the Winter Olympics. Instead, he directed his focus on diplomacy with Seoul where he reportedly put up the show of a statesman. And in line with this it is crucial to mention the seven-decade alliance between the United States and South Korea.

The outreach to Seoul took place on New Year’s Day and that was the exact moment when Mr. Kim made a promise that he would be sending out a team to compete in the Olympics next month at the next opening of the Winter Games in Pyeongchang which is a South Korean town. The announcement that came later on was about the resumption of military-to-military talks  which were set to happen between the two countries but what sparked about much speculation was the fact that the United States was supposed to be left out.

President Moon Jae-in, the South Korea’s leader moved ahead to term the whole matter a major relief to him. It is indeed true that Mr. Kim is an avid sports fan. A substantial number in   Washington or Seoul maintain the strong stand that the leader is solely obtaining the motivation from the Olympic spirit.

The other thing is also that the Winter Games will be ‘ferrying’ by the perfect opportunity to communicate to President Trump. The leader will take advantage of the opportunity to show the U.S leader that he remained unmoved by the threats he unleashed earlier. It will serve as the perfect opportunity to inform him that he was not in any way shaken by the threats and won’t be giving up its nuclear program.