It is now five years down the line since Joshua Boyle together with his American wife were held hostage in Afghanistan. Boyle is from Canada and it will be a tough task citing his defense after he was charged with 15 criminal charges. The charges included sexual assault, drugging and assault and forcible confinement. It was back in October when Mr. Boyle and his family were making tier return to Canada and reports indicate the involved events followed later on.

A person familiar with the matter said, “Since being freed by Pakistani troops along with his wife, Caitlan Coleman Boyle, and their three children who were born in captivity, Mr. Boyle has described several gruesome episodes that he said occurred during their captivity.”

Ms. Coleman got raped and an infant who was the fourth child lost his life in the unfortunate incidence.

Ms. Coleman Boyle in making her statement disclosed that the captors had beaten their eldest son mercilessly. At this point matters still remain unclear since it is difficult to tell whether it was indeed true these had been taking a dangerous trip into regions that were extremely challenging. The events that took place back in Oct. 14 were closely linked to the series of charges leveled against Mr. Boyle. He was also accused of misleading the police and the passage of time is witnessing matters grow more severe.

The court unleashed an order that prohibited anyone from moving ahead to make a publication of the anything could help with identifying the two persons who had been referred to as Mr. Boyle’s victims by the Ottawa Police.

A number of news reporters moved out in a bid to get the Ottawa Police to comment in relation to the matter. It turned down their request leaving behind much uncertainty.

Eric Granger, Who is Mr. Boyle’s lawyer, was delighted by the fact that Mr. Boyle had been presumed innocent. He went further to outline that Boyle had never faced such outrageous charges before. At this point in time no evidence has been unleashed yet but it goes without saying that such is typical at this early stage.