Practically divorcé is real, but theoretically, the other person is never quite out of one’s life. As the world gets hooked to the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s dramatic fallout, Jennifer Aniston Dines in the smile NYC alongside Justin Theroux. Pitt’s ex-wife, whose divorcé is now a little over eleven years old appeared perfectly unbothered as she rested her hand on Theroux’s shoulder. They were both in neutral spirits while enjoying an intimate date night dinner at Big Apple hotspot, The Smile.

Aniston may swear that they both moved on years ago but being the first wife, there is that one particular and fascinating thing about the lingering ghost. Take for example Jane Chapman divorced Jeremy Corbyn 37years ago and they have both remarried. However, she still supported his leadership bid last year.

Jennifer Aniston Dines in the smile NYC: Is it business as usual?

Jennifer Aniston dines in the smile NYC was the just usual business. She looked blissful as she arrived in a black tank top, black pants and ankle-strap heels. Her husband was also having a stunning outlook from the dark blue vest over a hoodie with jeans and boots. On several occasions, the lovebirds, who wed in 2015, were spotted holding hands despite the offensive attention that Aniston has been receiving in connection with Brangelina’s shocking split.

Apparently, it is the first time that she is making a public appearance since news of the divorce broke. At the same time, new details surrounding the private plane incident involving Pitt have also emerged. Insiders’ familiar with the incident says that it was more or less of a parent/child argument, but it did attract any physical abuse. Nonetheless, according to E! News, Angelina separated from Brad one day after the incident (Sept. 15) citing irreconcilable differences, but she requested for the sole physical custody of their six children.

Aniston has not responded to the infamous love triangle fiasco

The high-profile celebrity is yet to speak publicly about Pitt’s divorce from Jolie apart from a comment insiders say she made that “Yeah, that’s karma for you” while discussing the scandalous news with a longtime pal. Meanwhile, the drama continues to unfold but the unmoved Jennifer Aniston Dines in the smile NYC with a pleasant face.