The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, is one of the major subjects of discussion around the globe. That was after she made the move to tell off quite a significant number of television interviewers who had earlier directed a question she considered uncomfortable for her. The television interviewers wanted to get to the bottom of the matter regarding whether or not Ardern intended to have children upon being elected for the top position.

Ms. Ardern, 37, was furious and she asserted that it was unfair to subject women in the work place to a question of such a nature.

It was on Thursday when Ms. Ardern made the announcement that by June she will be a proud mother of a newborn baby. Clarke Gayford, who is her partner disclosed that she was he would take a leave from his job after the birth so that he can be close to the mother of his kid.

It is indeed true that this particular case will be the first in New Zealand considering that no other leader in the past ever gave birth while still in office. During a news conference on Friday, Ms. Ardern proceeded to dismiss the thought that her case was particularly special asserting that she wasn’t going to be the first woman to multitask. She added that there were a lot of women around the globe that usually worked and at the same time they had babies to take care of.

However, she attests to the fact that the situation of her family is unusual in a number of ways. She revealed that the “pretty bad” morning sickness during the first three months had been rather challenging for her. She couldn’t figure out what the situation would look like to have the government cars fitted in such a way to have in place a baby seat.

She proceeded to say that she was not going to stop working until her latest pregnancy periods. She also said that no vacuum would be felt because Winston Peters who is the deputy prime minister will with immediate effect assume her roles.