Ivanka Trump store at the Trump Tower is now under new arrangement. Ivanka will no longer feature in the commercials for her brand. She has also separated her private social media accounts from those related to the business.

Ivanka’s role in the White House

The pressing question is what role she plays in the White House. She appeared several times in meetings with business leaders as well as politicians since her father became the president.

This has attracted criticism that she could make use of her informal adviser to promote her business. She is now working out of the West Wing office and she is progressing towards acquiring government issued devices and security clearance.

Business under Trust

In attempt to address the concerns, Ms Trump is said to have transferred the assets of her company to  a new trust manged by her husband’s relatives. She stated that the trust was in compliance with rules placed on government employees. She also appointed her top executive, Abigail Klem to take over the daily running of the business.

The trust was executed during the first week of March, 2017. Ms Trump has two options in which she can address any potential conflicts. She could either veto a likely viable deal for her company or she could rescue herself from any White House related business. She remains the sole beneficiary from the Trust.

Will she feature in the ads again?

In the past, Ms Trump licensed her name to partners manufacturing her products. She was the face of her products and her brand is held privately. In the new arrangement, she will not feature in the adverts anymore. Neither will her social media accounts be joined with those of the business. She will be provided with regular financial reports on her company.

Still more concerns to address

Ms Trump may be trying to tread carefully but this does not prevent her trust from raising questions on the effectiveness of a voluntary arrangement in minimizing conflicts. However, she does not occupy a formal office in the White House unlike her husband who is a top adviser of the president. So she cannot be labeled as a federal employee who are prohibited from engaging in matters that enhance their personal business interests.