Mohamad Jamal Khweis is the 26 year old American man who has surrendered to the authorities and confessed to have been a member of a terror group that fought with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) for several months. In his confessions, Khweis said that he was not thinking straight at the time of joining the terror group and that he regrets having left the U.S.

The decision of following a young woman to Iraq was the worst decision the American-born son of Palestinian immigrants in Virginia ever made. Together with the Iraq girl who said she was from Mosul they crossed to Turkey from Syria and eventually to Mosul.

By a means of a tax that was arranged by the girl’s sister who had been married by an ISIS member, the duo found themselves in Syria from Khwesi mixed with other foreigners — including Asians and Russians. They would later adopt nicknames after surrendering their identification documents.

Having acquired the nicknames, Khwesi would later be transferred to Mosul alongside 10 other men a journey that took 10 hours to get to the ISIS-held Iraqi city. And it is at this point that the indoctrination began with a priority being given to the learning of sharia and religion. Khwesi could not agree with the ideologies of what being taught and after what he narrates to have been a hard life in Mosul, the thought of escaping crossed his mind.

And after a month of deep desire to return home, Khwesi found someone who promised to help him return to the Turkish border. However, he only succeeded to reach Northern Iraq.

However, he was apprehended by the Kurdish forces as he attempted to enter the Kurdistan region in the village near Tal Afar, Golat. He is now being questioned by the relevant authorities. Nevertheless, the authorities have confirmed that he is receiving the best care.