A report by research firm Canalys indicates that iPhone 7 emerged as the best-shipping smartphone in the world in this year’s third quarter. In the course of that period approximately 13 million iPhone 7 units were shipped. The second best-shipping smartphone in the world was the iPhone 6 after 7.9 million units were delivered. In the third position was the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime which sold 7.8 million units.

Devices from Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo took the fourth and fifth positions as the Oppo A57 and the Oppo R11 shipped 7.8 million ad 7.2 million devices respectively. The iPhone 8 which was unveiled in mid-September was not among the top five. According to Canalys in the iPhone 7’s first quarter, 14 million units of the device were sold while only 11.8 million units of the iPhone 8 device are expected to be shipped in its first quarter.

Entire portfolio

With regards to Apple’s entire portfolio of smartphones, approximately 46.7 million units were shipped in 2017’s Q3. About 6.3 million units of the iPhone 8 Plus were shipped compared to 5.4 million iPhone 8 devices making it the first time that a smaller variant of an iPhone is being outsold by a larger variant in one quarter.

Apple also saw an increase in the demand for its older smartphones which are cheaper than the newer models. Some of the iPhones that saw some growth includes the iPhone 6S and the iPhone SE. The iPhone 7 also recorded strong demand following a price cut which was effected two months ago.

New strategy

According to Ben Stanton, an analyst at Canalys, the older and cheaper models were propping the total number of iPhone shipments in what is emerging as a new strategy by the Cupertino, California-based tech giant.

“With the launch of the iPhone X, it now has five tiers of iPhone and delivers iOS at more price bands than ever before. This is a new strategy for Apple. It is aggressively defending its market share,” said Stanton in a statement.

In terms of total shipments Samsung beat all other smartphone vendors as it shipped 82.8 million smartphone devices in this year’s third quarter. This was partly attributed to the J-series which grew strongly in emerging markets such as the Middle East and in India.