12 Indian students from Amity International School, Noida have won the 20th Annual International Space Settlement Design Competition, 2015, Held at NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida, in the U.S.

This comes as a proud moment for India as well as for this student.

This competition provides the students from all over the world an opportunity to explore the possibilities of the aerospace industry and broad field of space research.

Through this contest, ideas from different parts of the world are exchanged by the students at the meet. This contest is a discovery ground for the students who are interested in contributing their understanding and knowledge to the world of space exploration.

The team from Noida is named the “Vulture Aviation”. Their design for space settlement competition included two primary and four outlying settlements for space.

Design Competition


The central design included an agreement to accommodate a population of 24,000. The other design included a deal to provide 3000 people on Mars. The material they used to create and develop these agreements is “Aluminium Oxynitride”.

A team member gave the information on the Mars settlement they developed and named as “Argonom Bult”. They said that this settlement was proposed to be developed on the surface of Mars inside a crater.

Moreover their strategy of approach for designing this kind of involved settlement understanding and analyzing the soil structure and the amount of dust storm in a particular area on the surface of the Mars.