Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad has died. However, he leaves behind a professional legacy which he will be remembered for in future. The Scandinavian-designed furniture designed along the lines of both simplicity and affordability will continue serving as inspiration for those willing to venture in the field.

The personal legacy of the departed expert was associated with several intricacies. And along that particular line were flirtations with fascism and there was also the reputation for strict frugality.

It was on Saturday when Kamprad succumbed to death and he is said to have been at 91.He was in his home in Smaland in southern Sweden where he was being attended to by his loved ones who later on disclosed that he struggled with a short illness.

The CEO and president of the IKEA Group Jesper Brodin said that the legacy of the business guru would be looked at with great admiration over decades to come. He went further to say that the leader had a clear vision to do all humanly possible to ensure that human lives were enhanced.

One of the family members said, “Kamprad exhibited an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, selling matchboxes as a small child. He quickly realized he could buy them dirt cheap in bulk and then sell them for a low price while still earning a profit.”

It was after a number of years that he resolved to engage in the sale of pens, Christmas decorations and fish. He was very committed to his work and would from time to time run his advertisements in most of the local papers.

The outstanding work he has done in the area of furniture is what made such a great name for him.  Flat-pack furniture is a product of his amazing works and is appreciated by many because with it is possible to save a huge deal on both money and space. By paving the way for the various consumers to move ahead and make their own furniture the costs of assembly were reduced a huge deal.