The support of about 20 additional super delegates has led to the clinching of the Democratic presidential nomination by Hillary Clinton in a heavily contested race. She became the first woman to capture the nomination having pulled through a five-month brutal campaign to topple from Senator Bernie Sanders.

Clinton’s nomination win comes on the eve of major primaries in California, New Jersey, and other states. The win considered to be so historic gets Clinton closer to getting back that which she lost to President, Barack Obama, eight years ago.

The competition between Clinton and Sanders was aggressive. The two were seeking support from the roughly 4,000 pledged delegates. Apparently, Clinton has enjoyed a cordial relationship with a majority of the super delegates for years while on the other hand, Sanders has always struggled to gain their support.

Sanders is not taking Clintons win kindly given his popularity. In fact, through his campaign spokesman, Michael Briggs, he refused to accept the A.P. survey of Clinton’s win and has vowed to fight back. Donald J. Trump, who now remains the biggest challenge for Clinton, seems to back Sanders arguing that he has more to show than Clinton.

Briggs says that the media rushed to make a judgment before the Democratic National Committee could make its announcement. Nonetheless, Clinton seemed unmoved by their comments and has instead chosen to direct her efforts towards gaining every single vote from California.

She will now be facing Trump, who has claimed to be the better fit for the presidency. Speaking about his fitness in an interview with Fox News, Trump said that he records within the construction industry says it all.

Nevertheless, Clinton has asked her supporters to give her all the support. The support is so immense, and many of the Democratic followers are already posting Tweets hailing her as the nominee. There is a lot of excitement at her historic victory even as people wait for the counting of votes from the remaining six states.