Apple’s “spaceship” campus in Cupertino, California is finally ready for occupation after more than six years of planning and building it. The company’s brand new $5 billion headquarters, which is said to be sporting a slew of features, is currently taking in its employees. Word has it that the first staffers are already at the Apple Park and the rest are expected to move into the new Space in groups of 500 every week.

A keen look at it exposes the engineer’s determination of putting everything in its rightful place. We are talking about entryways, placement of tables and the custom-designed banisters among others.

But some staffs are not content with the open office plan

The 100,000-square-foot fitness and wellness center is meticulously designed and there are clear indications that the engineers did not leave anything to chance. However, a rumor has it that some staffs are resisting the use of the shiny new office complex’s open office plan. Nonetheless, John Gruber, an Apple podcaster, and blogger who first revealed the said rumor says that he cannot confirm its credibility.

The company’s open floor plan means that the staff will not be working from cubicles or offices; instead, they will use long-tables. According to a source from Bloomberg, the most affected by the open plan of open cubicles are those who adore working from quiet environments. However, in response to the resistance, Apple claims that the open floor plan designs will come in handy in accommodating collaboration between teams.

What next for Apple after the opposition of the open cubicles?

The Cupertino giant has worked so hard to put its “spaceship” campus in place having spared no expense in doing so. At this point, it remains unclear whether or not Apple will respect the staffers’ wish of having cubicles instead of the long-tables.

In the meantime, according to Gruber, Apple’s Vice President Johny Srouji is not happy about the floor plans and that his team may build their own building, off to the side of the campus. Nonetheless, this remains to be seen even as Apple continue holding onto its plan of having moved over 13,000 employees into Apple Park by the end of the year.