GOP politicians vying for the GOP presidential ticket are gearing up for a rough road ahead. The recently concluded CNBC debates opened up a lot to be said about the GOP scene. However, not everyone agrees with how the debate was conducted.

The RNC chairman, Reince Priebus, was particularly unsatisfied with the situation. He expressed discontent, with the type of questions that Sean Hannity asked and even claimed that they were provocative. Priebus has demanded that future GOP debates be reevaluated. Some of the candidates such as Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Lindsey Graham and Bobby Jindal jumped on the RNC bandwagon in protest over the way the debate was conducted. The party aims to acquire more control of the debate process so that they are lined up with the interests of the candidates.

As for the candidates, things got rather heated up between candidates Marco Rubio, who is the Senator of Florida and Jeb Bush, Florida’s former governor. Bush attacked Rubio for failing to show up to vote, as well as claims that Rubio is not satisfied with his current job.

Rubio went on defensive with a statement that he only shows up for the votes that really matter. He also answered Bush’s remark that he should quit with a statement saying he cannot quit because it would tarnish his campaign if he was branded a quitter.

On a different note, candidate Ted Cruz’s campaign team announced that it had collected an average donation of $54, bringing the total to $1.1 million. The announcement was made after the CNBC republican debate. The amount was raised within 22 hours after the debate. The numbers are a good indicator of how Cruz’s campaign is doing. Political analysts feel that the race might eventually come down to Cruz and Rubio. Cruz’s conservative record and his ability to stand up to pressure from both sides are some of the features that make him more competitive against his rivals.