The upcoming Google’s Pixel 2 Smartphone might not have a headphone jack if the newest unofficial render of the device turns out to be accurate. The reports are made by in collaboration with another tech firm, Steve Hemmerstoffer that is popular in the most creative and precise gadget leaker.

The latest reports from the render stated that Google new device will not have the headphone jack, which will make it easy to connect to other wireless headphones. Apple was the first company to ditch the headphone jack when it produced its iPhone 7 as a way to make it more compatible with available wireless headphones among other Apple devices.

The render also revealed that the larger Pixel 2 XL will come with more features including the premium design that has thinner borders on its display and a refined glass back at the back of the new models compared to the original Pixel model. According to the reports, Pixel 2 might be thicker and bulky for it to carry the headphone jack.

The new Google Pixel’s successor is expected to be launched before the end of the year but most details on the latest model are not yet revealed. Google fans are relying on the rumors and leaked information to imagine how much the awaited Smartphone will look like. Those who prefer the headphone jack may not like the latest model if the reports made by the render are true.

Last year, when other companies ditched the headphone jack, including the iPhone 7 and Moto Z, the original Pixel decided to keep it for its customers. Google even ridiculed the trend saying that for them headphone jack will stay in their models. The latest rumors will, therefore, counteract their earlier claims.

The Pixel Smartphone was produced when Google ditched its Nexus model that was truly ‘Made by Google’ which featured Google’s Android OS. The upcoming Pixel model is reported to have advanced features gathered across the board together with new features such as the squeezable frame. But Google is yet to offer the official position about the new model.