The dominance of Google in online advertising continues. According to eMarketer, a market research firm, the online search giant is expected to command approximately 37.2% of the United States market compared to 38.6% last year. However this was not the first time that eMarketer was projecting a contraction in market share for Google since the market research firm had done the same in 2016.

For a long time Google’s closest competitor in the online advertising market has been Facebook. The social media giant’s market share in the United States is expected to decline to 19.6% from a figure of 19.9% which was recorded in 2017. Facebook-owned Instagram is however expected to continue on a growth path and obtain a market share of over 5% in digital advertising market of the United States this year.

Amazon is coming

Google’s fastest growing competitor in the U.S. digital ad market is Amazon as its ad revenues are expected to grow by 63.5% this year giving the online retail giant a market share of 2.7%. By 2020 Amazon’s share of the U.S. digital ad market is expected to grow to a figure of 4.5%. According to eMarketer Amazon will rise to position 3 by 2020 by which time it will have edged out Microsoft and Oath. While Amazon has been pretty conservative so far with regards to its ad load, it remains to be seen whether the e-commerce giant will do more to take advantage of its dominance and reach in shopper data.

In the coming years Google is expected to continue enjoying a lead in the digital ad market though the market share could might gradually reduce as the likes of Amazon try to catch up. However the biggest worry for Google at least for the short term will not be the likes of Amazon or Facebook but rather the regulatory black clouds. This is especially so in light of the fact that privacy issues continue to dog major internet platforms with the matter having received even more prominent coverage following the data misuse scandal involving Facebook and political consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

Smart home

With regards to the smart home market though the boot is on the other foot. In this category Amazon enjoys a healthy lead with its range of Echo devices. According to eMarketer in the smart speaker market of the United States Amazon commanded over 70% of the market last year. Google on the other hand had a market share of 23.8%.

The online search giant will however take consolation in the fact that Stone Temple, a digital marketing company, has released results showing that the digital assistant of Google is smarter compared to Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant. This is the second year that Google Assistant is beating Alexa. Between 2017 and 2018 Amazon Alexa emerged as the one smart assistant that was most improved.

The survey was carried out by asking the digital assistants the same set of questions. The digital assistants which took part in the survey also included Microsoft Cortana. This is an indication that despite Amazon having taken the lead in the smart home space, Google has various things going for it which could assist it in bridging the divide in the future.