Apple is expected to report that it is bringing new changes to its App Store which is a similar move to Google’s announcement about changes for the Play Store as stated during the Google I/O conference.

The two firms might be reinventing their models but they will take different approaches. Apple reported that its new model will change the revenue split ratio with developers which is currently at 70/30. The new changes will allow developers to receive 85% of the App proceeds meaning Apple will receive a smaller share at 15%. The decision is aimed at giving more credit to the developers. Google hinted during its developer conference that web apps and mobile apps may soon be merged at some level.

Google believes that this is the most likely path to follow especially because it is often difficult to get people to install various apps on their handsets. They often install only the apps that they use regularly. Accessing some apps via the web will thus create more opportunities for developers since their apps will have a higher chance of being used. Additionally there are a few other benefits to this strategy such as app linking which adds more efficiency because users do not have to load other apps on their handset while in a browsing session to so as to get certain services.

A survey carried out by Sensor Tower has reported that Facebook as the most downloaded apps with WhatsApp taking the lead, then Messenger and the Facebook social app taking the second and third position on the list. Netflix and Spotify apps were some of the apps that had an impressive subscription base. Sensor Tower also reported that 1% of the publishers that monetize their apps on the App Store represent 94% of the store value. This is perhaps one of the reasons Apple wants increase the amount of income shared out to the developers.