Indonesian officials have raised an alarm over the use of online platforms by terrorist organizations to spread propaganda. Some of the materials deemed to be offensive are likely to incite violence or hate speech. That said, Indonesia, which is a Muslim-majority nation of 260 million people has sought the help of the globe’s tech giants in fighting the situation. Google, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, and Facebook are among the giants, which will be working with the officials in monitoring the situation.

According to Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara, the ministry has an obligation of protecting Indonesians from any form of radicalism and terrorism. The Minister’s meeting with Google representatives in Jakarta laid out a foundation on how they would help the Southeast Asian nation.

Google’s plan to implement its “Trusted Flagger” program

It is not a secret that a lot of extremist groups have continued to echo their support to terror group Islamic State. A majority of the said groups have gone to the extent of using encrypted messaging services to give instructions on how to lay an ambush within the country.

However, Rudiantara is confident that the menace will be brought to an end through the use of Google’s ‘trusted flagger’” According to Google’s director of public policy and government affairs Ann Lavin, the program is expected to be fully implemented in the next three months. Google will also incorporate civil society groups the likes of the anti-hoax community MAFINDO and the Wahid Institute among others.

But both the government and Google should be clear about the process

Apparently, the program is already in use in some countries the likes of  France, Germany, the UK and the United States. However, regardless of its success, the executive director of the non-government body Nawawi Bahrudin has emphasized the need for clarity on the process.

Bahrudin said, “They should not just use their own yardsticks. They have to be transparent and not just keep it to themselves.” All said and done, let’s wait and see how the implementation of the initiative unfolds.