It was announced by the chairman of Foxconn on Sunday, that the company is currently evaluating a partnership with Apple, where the companies would jointly invest in a $7 billion factory. Allegedly, according to the company, this facility, would result in the creation of 50,000 United States based jobs.

The current partnership between Foxconn and Apple is substantial, with Foxconn being the world’s biggest electronics contract maker, and responsible for the production of the majority of Apple’s iPhones at the companies Chinese factories.

More details about the facility which the companies may open

Although, the plan for such a task is still being reviewed, both the companies have forecasted a cost of up to $7 billion and the creation of between 30,000 to 50,000 United States based jobs. Although neither company has yet to be specific about what the factory’s role will be, there are rumors to what it would become responsible for.

In these rumors, the creation, and manufacturing of TV-screens, as well as various iPhone displays, have been included in possible production lines, which the factory will entail – according to those who are familiar with the matter.

Surprisingly, research indicated that this will be one of the first TV-based factories located in the United States, despite it being one of the largest markets for TV. Furthermore, it was revealed that the reason Apple is willing to co-sign the development of said factory, is due to the company’s need for (panels).

Other moves made by companies to enter the United States

Foxconn is not limiting itself to just one play when it comes to the United States markets. In addition to the latest exploits between itself and Apple, the company has also announced that it will be opening a new molding plant, which is located in Pennsylvania. However, this will be the second facility, which the company is opening in this region.

It was also disclosed by those familiar with the matter, that if the President, Donald Trump renegotiates the North American Free Trade Agreement, Foxconn may consider moving its interactive display production facilities into the United States.