Fox News was built greatly by the inputs of Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes. The network seems to be stagnant now without their presence.

The birth of Fox News

Mr Ailes is the founding chairman of Fox News. He had a vision of a news channel that would stand for the forgotten Americans that the rest of the media was talking down upon in the process of preparing for the liberal takeover of the country

He came across on of the concerned citizens going by the name Bill O’Reilly. Bill was in the mid of his career as a mid-level broadcaster from Levittown in Long Island. He came out as the perfect candidate Ailes was looking for, someone with a background in the working class as well as a perched chip on their shoulder.

Bill quickly climbed up the top of cable ratings. He then dragged the rest of the network with him when he became one of the most popular stars in the history of television news. In the process he inspired Ailes to turn Fox news into one of America’s number one cable news channel.

In a very significant way, Bill empowered Ailes to convert Fox News into the beating heart of new and populist conservative movement. It became the one that changed the political landscape and in the process earning billion for the parent company, 21st Century Fox.

In the end, Fox News turned out to be the very significant vehicle in the conservative vehicle that delivered Donald J. Trump, their mutual friend into the White House.

The network’s continuity is at stake

The two partners have faced allegations related to sexual harassment that total up to $35 million in settlement, have led to company remains somewhat stagnant. Both 21st Century Fox and Fox are now vulnerable to treacherous traffic flows which make them prone to serious threats to their continuity.

The company refused to stand with Bill after the sexual assault case which did not go well with his fans. Bill was dismissed from the network. Chris Ruddy the chief executive of Newsmax Media said, “Generally the Fox audience is not going to be happy the network fired him. They are going to think it was unfair.”

There is no way to know if fans will switch to competitors including CNN or do something else with their time.