Mr. Trump, the real-estate mogul, has been dominating the latest 2016 presidential debates, but some think that he cannot win the presidency. He has also been dominating Google search over the past few days. According to Google trend analysis, Trump was the number one most-searched candidate in the whole of United States of America, before Wednesday night’s CNN debate.

However, after the three-hour debate, Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO, accounted for more searches than Trump in some states including, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia. It is notable, however, that Google searched don’t translate to actual support. Fiorina still has a long way to go before she can rise to the top-tier presidential contenders.
Murphy, in the American Thinker blog, is of the opinion that the Republicans seem to have a liking for Fiorina as a preferred presidential candidate. Her affirmative action role at Hewlett-Packard seems to endear her to the electorate.

Trump, on the other hand, is viewed as billionaire running on an image created by his TV programme the Enterprise in which he the main cast. He is also viewed as an open-minded person who has an opinion on everything and seems to know what everyone has on his mind. Trump’s current rating is seen as more informative than is decisive. This is because the polls are still far off.

Donald Trump has lately come under fire for his response to a question on Muslims. Trump had avoided the question by saying that even Barack Obama is Muslim. This pointed to indecisiveness on his part on the issue of Muslims in the USA. Trump faced an immediate backlash from different advocacy groups as well as members of his party who distanced themselves from this comment. The Republican presidential candidates are being urged to denounce his comments because failure to do this would mean that they are silently agreeing with him.