On Wednesday, a federal judge in San Antonio blocked Texas from placing a ban on its sanctuary cities. He did not concur with the constitutionality of a law that had pitted Republican state leaders against a number of the Democratic-leaning cities.

However, this particular ruling was just temporary. It barred the law from taking effect on Friday though the suit against will be ongoing. Texas insists that it will appeal the decision. It believes that it was forwarded as a legal blow to one of the toughest state-issued immigration laws countrywide. It also went against the Anti-Latino, which is a measure strongly backed up by the Trump administration.

It is clear that the law has gotten to a point where it has become so divisive. In fact, it served as a backdrop of a shoving match between the white Republican colleagues and the Hispanic Democratic lawmakers at the Texas Capitol.

Senate Bill 4 is also known as S.B. 4 and it is a law prohibiting counties and cities as well from adopting policies limiting immigration enforcement. Asides from this, it also gives police officers the authority to question the immigration status of any person they may arrest or detain.

Those officials that are used to violating the law have a cause to worry since they will from now be risking jail time, fines or removal from office. Local officials are also directed to cooperate with the various detainer requests, which cater for the transfer of the foreign-born detainees to federal custody after they are released from local or state custody.

A number of the state’s biggest cities, including Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio participated in moving the lawsuit that sought to strike down the law signed in May by Greg Abbott who is the Republican governor. Republican-controlled Legislature was the body that had put it in place.

Trump had during his campaigns promised to do much about immigration. A conflict of interest is being witnessed as the president tries to make good his promise whereas, the affected people continue to revolt against what they term ill-treatment by the American government.