Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is collaborating with the Washington Post to bring all of its published articles onto Facebook.

The Washington Post made the announcement yesterday claiming that 100% of all the articles posted on the paper’s website will also be posted on social media through Facebook’s instant Articles program. Washington Post Publisher Fred Ryan stated that the goal is to enhance the paper’s current and future reader base on all platforms by giving it everything that they have. The Washington Post publishes about 1200 articles on a daily basis.

Instant Articles are a relatively new program that Facebook initially launched as part of an iOS app to a few users. It was first launched during the previous spring. So far, Instant Articles currently offers a good number of articles from nine news and article websites including the New York Times. The new partnership with Facebook is expected to elevate the article and fuel its growth.

Facebook has also hinted through a blog post that more publishers might soon be coming on board. There have been concerns about such a move because most people feel that Facebook will use such opportunities to collect subscriber data. In fact, this is the reason publishers like the Wall Street Journal are a bit hesitant to join the bandwagon. However, such a partnership between social media and news publishers has been coming for a long time. This is because the main goal of the publishers is to get news to as many people as it can. Social media platforms have a massive following, thus making them the ideal tool.

There are multiple opportunities for both parties, with more ad revenue topping the list. Other companies are also getting on board with the idea of news through social media. Some of the other news publishers that are already on board with the program include Mashable, Daily Mail, Hearst, Business Insider, MLB, MTV, and Bleacher Report. Such a service on social media is poised to make news more interactive than ever before.