Facebook has selected one of its most veteran executives to direct its consumer hardware initiatives. Andrew “Boz” Bosworth will look after Building 8 and Oculus, which is company’s virtual reality arm. It was disclosed recently by CTO Mike Schroepfer, and a firm spokesperson confirmed the update to Business Insider on Wednesday.

The spokesperson mentioned that they are thrilled about their long-term investments in augmented reality, consumer hardware and virtual reality. They consider these new technologies possess the potential to connect the world in entirely new ways, and they have established great teams with impressive leadership in each of these segments. Bringing different teams closer will help them move even faster as the company continue to invest in its 10-year roadmap.

Bosworth selection highlights the challenges Facebook has witnessed in the consumer hardware segment as it races to keep up with peers like Google, Microsoft and Apple. Facebook has spent enormous amount of money acquiring technology and talent, but the multi-pronged initiative didn’t have a centralized focus that the firm now expects to have by unifying its different hardware teams under Bosworth.

As it is known, Bosworth has been Facebook’s VP of ads and business unit for years, and played a vital role in the firm’s early measures to develop the News Feed and Messenger. He has been at the firm for more than a decade and is a close friend to CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Bosworth will work as a seasoned business leader to head Building 8 team, which has seen a series of major staff departures in recent months.

While Building 8 has openly teased its futuristic, far-off task on mind-reading sensors and technology that “feel” language via human skin, the team’s first prototype of consumer hardware is expected to be a video chat device, codenamed Aloha. This device will showcase a large touchscreen along with speakers and camera and be capable of identifying peoples’ faces when they come into view.