Facebook has unveiled its latest measures against fake news on its platform and this time the company has announced that it plans to prevent new fake news pages from purchasing ads.

The company seems very determined to end the spreading of fake news on its social media platforms. Facebook has already been implementing measures such Snopes and the AP whose purpose is to flag inaccurate content. The company has announced that it wants to discourage such pages by preventing them from buying Facebook ads, thus essentially discouraging their existence. The social media firm also plans to do this regardless of whether or not the ad has a disputed link.

“Over the past year we have taken several steps to reduce false news and hoaxes on Facebook. Currently, we do not allow advertisers to run ads that link to stories that have been marked false by third-party fact-checking organizations. Now we are taking an additional step. If Pages repeatedly share stories marked as false, these repeat offenders will no longer be allowed to advertise on Facebook” the company stated in a blog post.

The social media giant further pointed out that the new update would go a long way towards reducing the spread of fake news since they will no longer be able to generate revenue. The company also pointed out that if those pages stopped sharing false content and switched to legitimate news, then they would be allowed to run ads again.

Facebook found itself facing a lot of condemnation due to false content flooding its social media platform during and after the 2016 US Presidential elections. The company has since then been implementing measures against the spread of false news. Facebook Product Director Rob Leathern stated that the company is not only slowing the spread of fake news but it is also educating people to make informed decisions once they view the fake news.

The social media company stated that blocking the ad-buying is a strategy that it is employing to eliminate the economic incentives that have been contributing to false content. Now that Facebook has changed its ad policy, news outlets spreading false news will find it more difficult to attract an audience.