Facebook has come up with the breakup protection feature on mobile devices. According to the Kelly Winters, Facebook product manager, this is one of their ongoing efforts to develop Facebook to higher heights. Facebook is doing anything possible to maintain its clients and at the same time owe new ones. That said, it has added a new feature to its list of features to be used particularly by those who are struggling with a relationship break up.


In normal circumstances partners tend to have each others’ posts and pictures in their news feed on Facebook. However, after a split it none of them who wants to take a radical step of blocking the other but on the other side it hurts to see regularly their ex lover’s posts and photos on their Facebook network.

The tool will allow users “see less” for selected people, thus limiting their posts, and thus avoiding the users to blocking them altogether. The changes can be reversed anytime the user desire.

And what is this feature all about? Well when a person changes his status to “single” from “in a relationship” the tool will give him an option to limit exposure to posts, photos and mentions of the ex-partner in his News Feed. The user will no longer be prompted to tag them in photos or message them through auto-suggestions. Earlier, Facebook used to remove the ex-partner from the users’ sidebar “Photo Memories” module, which was not sufficient.

Also the user can limit what the ex-partner can see from his profile, the user can choose to hide his posts from his ex. The ex will not be notified about the changes made by the user. It is presently in the testing phase in the U.S before it’s rolling out to other parts probably early next year. The tool is available for mobile users in the U.S.

There is a lot of optimism that the tool that is the latest among other notable changes that Facebook is implementing will be of help to many people who choose to end their relationships on Facebook.