Elon Musk, whose net worth at the moment stands at $20.7 billion, is love sick and needs advice on dating. He is going through a difficult time getting used to the new life without Amber Heard who broke up with him way back in August.

The Boring Company, which happens to be a startup established by Elon Musk recently, proceeded to launch its flame thrower. It appeared to a lot of people to be major joke when the top official took to twitter to outline that if he managed to sell 50, 000 Boring company hats he would proceed to engage in the sale of flame thrower.

Most of the people following him of Twitter termed it a silly idea but that was of course before Musk proceeded to shock them by unveiling the fiery device. It will going at a price of $500 according to trusted sources.

The incidence that gave life to the highly debated thought was when musician D.A. Wallach made an elaborate demonstration of the fiery contraption on his Instagram page. People eventually began internalizing the fact that the Boring Company flame thrower was indeed more than a joke.

It is said that the posting by Wallach was taken at a Boring Co. tunneling site and it showcased him having fun playing about with the flamethrower. But of course not everyone is so quick to believe and speculations started building up around the matter with some people saying that the device Wallach was holding was definitely a one-off piece. There are other reports that any time soon about 20,000 more are set to be unveiled.

Musk has given assurance to his followers on Twitter that he would not in any way leverage on the zombie apocalypse as part of his efforts to make more sales of the Boring Co. flamethrowers.

However, he went ahead to disclose that he was waiting upon that moment when the flamethrowers would be sold out. It will only be after that when he will proceed to launch the Boring Company Freezegun and according to him developing an edge over rivals isn’t something that comes easy.

A person familiar with the matte opined, “ Considering Musk’s previous statements about building the Boring Company one hat at a time, it seems like the flamethrowers are proving to be a great way to augment the tunneling startup’s funds even more.”

Musk has achieved so much and the work he did developing the most powerful rocket around the globe was praised by most of the market observers.