Dropbox has announced that it will terminate Carousel and Mailbox as part of its strategy to divert its focus on collaboration.

Mailbox will be shut down in February 26, 2016 while Carousel will be terminated in March 2016. Carousel is a Dropbox app used to synchronize and share photos while Mailbox is the company’s email app. The decision to shut down the latter comes only two years after an exciting launch on App Store. The cloud storage and file hosting company has been having a hard time trying to maintain its $10 billion valuation amid inquiry from critics and investors.

Sources claim that the company will drop the two apps so that it can focus on collaboration as well as the core products. The firm will also work towards the development of new products. Dropbox is still working on its collaboration app called Paper. Carousel’s termination countdown has been extended because the company is currently working on an export tool that will allow users to transfer their content to avoid loss of data.

One of the company’s representatives stated that shutting down Mailbox will not affect client data on the service especially because it was a Gmail client so data will either be stored with Gmail or on iCloud. The list will be accessible as labels on Gmail or Folders under iCloud. Users will have to save their data manually.

The company’s aim is to gradually shift its business into sectors that are more lucrative. Mailbox is not popular enough to make general rankings but it has been ranked position 233 under the productivity category in the iTunes store in the US. Carousel takes position 271 in the same ranking.

The company had given hints about the direction of the two apps. In one of the messages sent to users, the company thanked them for reaching out. The firm also sympathized with users for not including updates for Mailbox and added that the app was still under development to determine the best direction. There have been no updates for mailbox since July, and the online forums are full of unanswered questions from disappointed users. Carousel had an update in September, but little development has been visible since then.

The company is now seeking more ground in services that will attract more customers and provide more value to paying users. As for the management, Mailbox co-founder Gentry Underwood has exited the firm while co-founder Scott Cannon will stay a while longer.