It came as a surprise to many, but the official report is indeed, that Jared Kushner will be serving as the Senior Whitehouse advisor, to his father-in-law Donald Trump. The individual in question is also the CEO of a large-time family real-estate corporation.

However, Trump has made his position towards Kushner clear, time and time again throughout his presidential race, and once he was voted to the be next president of the United States. The original statement, which declared that he would be acquitted with this title, took place on Monday morning.

The hierarchy seems Donald Trump is striving to achieve

When it comes to the hierarchy of those working for him, Trump seems to have differed from the course of all former presidents. Where all former presidents styled the white house in positions of power, such as that in the army, Trump is working on it as a real-estate empire, with family at the top and everyone else below.

This, however, is a cause of concern to many, due to the anti-nepotism laws, which were made for this exact reason, to reduce the impact that family ties could pose on the United States government. This has caused many to question the legalities of Trump’s actions.

What will Kushner be doing for the white house

The first thing to note is in order to diminish the chance of this move looking like a power play, Kushner has divested his holdings in the family company, including that of his major stake, which is in 666th Fifth Avenue.

Something, which came as somewhat a surprise to many, is that for now, Kushner has revealed that he will not be taking a salary. Furthermore, he will be working on various means to forge government partnerships with the private sector, various issues throughout the Middle East and Israel, and work in cohesion with the secretary of commerce, which is to Trump’s choosing.