The world’s largest consumer drone maker DJI unveiled the smallest camera drone in a mega Seize the Moment event in New York City. The top-secret drone maker had been keeping things under his wraps all the while before speculations about the palm-sized unit known as Spark went rife. The drone is pretty special with its weight of 10.6 ounces, which would perhaps be less than a can of soda.

Apart from getting the right name for the device, its images also showcased an incredible fitting of the tiny vehicle. In a news release, DJI wrote, “Even if you’ve never flown a drone before, flying Spark is easy because the only remote controller you’ll need is your hand.”

The Spark got some pretty impressive tricks up its sleeves

In the recent years, the market has fallen victim to all sorts of drones with different functionalities. However, Spark has its uniqueness thanks to its extraordinary tricks. While it may be referred to as a “story-telling” product, it has an easy incorporation into the user’s life. Its story is more or less similar to that of last year’s backpack-sized, folding prop Mavic Pro drone.

Apart from its incredible size, let’s talk about what else it can achieve. The drone is capable of leaving one’s palm and land back with little or no hassle. The drone can be sent off in the air in various patterns but one must use a particular Smartphone app. Other features include Spark’s 12-megapixel photo and a 1080p video, a Gesture mode and a QuickShot mode with four choices; Rocket, Dronie, Circle and Helix.

Photo enthusiasts now have something to show

The presence of the palm-sized body device is somewhat giving hope to photographers, videographers and anyone else on the go. It is also giving some reality into the notion of having a solid drone. DJI was very cautious about the warranty of the device, which will cost a whopping $499. It is not available for pre- order before shipping can begin next month.