Walt Disney Co. might soon track every visitor to its theme parks by shoe-level based technology to understand what places are most visited,  visitor likes and preferences, as well as  how best to improve customer experience. This is for the sole reason of creating customized solutions for all visitors irrespective of age group.  The company received the patent for this particular technology from the authorities (U.S Patent-and-Trademark), and might soon be testing it to see how helpful it can be.

The Technology

This technology allows the company to collect pertinent information from its visitors by simply photographing shoes the moment they enter the parks. And also, photographing them at different areas in the park in order to know where actually they visited. The shoe-level cameras will be places at strategic points. This is meant to help the management know the most popular areas around the parks. Additionally, the management will know the exact paths where visitors followed to reach designated points of their choice.

This technology that Disney is yet to test will not literally “track’ the guests in true essence of the word. Nevertheless, it will only take photographs of their shoes at designated points. It is based on this photo trail that they will understand the path. The management called on guestsvisitors not worry about this new development as it might not be intrusive. However, this has been received with criticism from some quarters saying that it is not worth it. Professor Robert Sprague, University of Wyoming, said that the company already uses other technologies and this kind sounded pretty innocuous. He is the author of Intrusive Monitoring; a book that seeks to explain the interrelation about technology and privacy concerns.

Other Disney-Based Technologies Used

It is not the first time that Disney is employing technology to help improve customer-based experience. Presently, the company takes advantage of RFIS bracelets, Magic Bands, Fast Passes, credit cards, and also hotel keys. In regard to tracking visitors, the company has more than enough information that they could use to improve their services.

The key point is that the management has clearly stated that despite receiving the patent, some technologies are not widely used. It all remains to be seen the next step the company will take in line with this shoe-level camera technology.