Dinosaur footprints found on the beach of Germany have added more evidence to the hypothesis that some species of dinosaur liked to socialise with each other.

Scientists are trying to analyse the two sets of fossilized footprints that were discovered between 2009 and 2011 to find out the type of dinosaurs that lived in the area.

According to the researchers, both the dinosaurs are judged to be carnivorous and belong to the Megalosauripus species which existed almost 140 million years ago.

Dinosaur footprints germany

On the basis of the size of footprints, it is believed that one was an adult while other was a smaller creature walking slowly in leisurely pace.

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These fossils, when measured, revealed that the foot of the larger animal is 13.5 inches long with 5.2 feet at the hip while the foot of the smaller one is 9.5 inches long with 3.9 feet at the hip.

These measurements put them in the same height range of Velociraptor, which walked and ran on two legs.

Biologists found variations in the marks like leg crossing and changes in walking pace. They attributed these changes to strong winds, the stoppage for eating or the younger one trying to keep up with the adult.

These fossils underwent a variety of geological surveys before being examined by biologists. Pernille Venø Troelsen, a biologist from the University of Southern Denmark, was the first to examine them thoroughly as a biologist.

She presented her findings last month at the annual meeting of the European Association of Vertebrate Paleontologists in Opole, Poland.

Researchers are also agreeing to the possibility of the two dinosaurs visiting the area on separate occasions.