The official Dark Souls Board Game created by miniature gaming organization Steamforged Games has initiated a Kickstarter funding campaign. The campaign will go on for 26 days. The Dark Souls Board Game went beyond its Kickstarter stretch objectives accumulating £400,000 in a single day. The board game required £50,000 for becoming fully sponsored which it achieved in mere 3 minutes of commencement. All the stretch objectives for the board game have been achieved with Steamforged Games assuring lots of fresh content as the quantity of money committed goes on increasing.

While the inexpensive early bird offerings are over, interested individuals can pledge £80 for a single copy of the game as well as stretch goal rewards.

The game is being built with assistance from Bandai Namco, franchise publisher of the Souls. The former strives to be the most difficult board game ever with the brutal conditions the series is famous for. Additional models as well as content will be included in the game as the Kickstarter fulfills its different stretch goals such as new playable characters. The models are unpainted but have numerous details.

Individuals as well as up to 4 players can be accommodated in the game. Each level starts at the bonfire where players separate with their collection of miniatures and scout the randomized dungeon that gets developed as they play. As players tour the dungeon they will face enemies, find loot and be stressed when they indulge in combat with one of the notorious bosses such as Dark Soul 3’s Dancer of the Boreal Valley and others.

There exist four personalities to select from in the box, the assassin, the knight, the herald and the warrior. Each one possesses a range of attacks and powers in combat making the gameplay seem new and different in multiple sessions of the game.

The board game includes the utilization of stamina from the main series. A character begins with a collection of points that can be used both as stamina points as well as hit points. When the collection decreases to nil, the character expires loses the entire treasures collected and is dispatched to the bonfire.