The cruise industry is making inroads into the wearable tech world. MSC Cruises recently announced a makeover of its cruise ships to incorporate tech features. This is the second cruise ships company to take the move in 2017. The makeover will involve incorporating beacon technology in a total of 11 megaships that the company plans to manufacture in the coming 10 years in addition to the existing 12 ships.

Among the features to be incorporated are TVs, a dedicated app accessible which is accessible using a mobile phone as well as wristbands fixed with sensors that will enable guests to monitor their cabins using short-range wireless technologies RFID and NFC. The band will be in touch with up to 16,000 beacons that will be positioned around each ship.

Apart from MSC, a number of travel companies are also incorporating wearable techs to as to improve and enhance travelers’ experience. A number of travel companies around the world are experimenting with several types of wearable technologies. These include wristbands equipped with sensors and virtual reality on flights. These have unveiled a whole new range of personalized experiences for guests like the MagicBands used by Disney in its parks. Since their introduction in 2014, the MagicBands have been of great success to Disney.

MSC’s project is in a way related to the wearable Ocean Medallion that was recently announced by Carnival Cruises in January although the two have some major differences. On the Carnival ships, all passengers will travel “Medallion Class” This means that they will be able to access their module which opens several accessories before their cruise. The medallion can work without a smartphone so as to simplify the whole process from boarding as well as easy access to the cabins. On the contrary, passenger on MSC will be offered with either “MSC for Me” wristbands depending on their travel class. The wristband which is fixed with sensor equipment is connected to a smartphone phone app and has over 130 different features. Adults will be required to buy their own bands but children will be issued with one the moment they board. This will enable their parents to locate them using the “Kid Locator” feature on the app.