The Irish High Court has paved way for Apple Inc to start building a $1 billion data center in the country from the ruling it made. It was on February 2015 that that the company made the first announcement about the set up of the data center. The plan is to construct it in a rural location and that way it will be easy to take advantage of the plentiful green energy resources nearby.

Six months after announcing its plans, Apple was given permission by the local authority to move ahead with the construction. However, a series of appeals were made barring it from exacting its plans. The delays were quite frustrating considering that they went on for over two years.

Paul McDermott , a High Court Judge, on Thursday proceeded to dismiss two separate appeals and that was good news to Apple. It was going to proceed with its plans which it hoped would pay off in the near future.

Last month, the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar proceeded to hold a meeting with Apple representatives. This group expressed its unending frustration and outlined that it needed help. Varadkar also said that Apple had made a statement regarding the delays. It needed the matter taken care of in good time or else it would not consider Ireland as an investment destination in future.

The company’s moves should shake the country in one way or the other. An easy way to look at the mater for instance would be to consider that establishing the data center would help the country generate employment opportunities for its citizens. If everything moves according to plan, about 300 persons will get the construction jobs.

There will also be about 150 on-site permanent positions and that will help better lives in a major way. The foreign multinational companies will be providing one out of the 10 jobs in Ireland.

Apple’s spokesperson opined, “In our many years in the business scene, we have come across many challenges. The last one is just one of them and we are grateful we have come out successful.”