Corning has unveiled a new cover glass for the protection of smartwatches specifically. The Gorilla Glass SR+, the first announcement of this project was in 2015 and the project was named “Project Phire” – the aims of which was to combine the durability of Gorilla glass with the scratch resistant level of sapphire.

The Gorilla SR+ is an entirely new composite of glass that combines the element of Gorilla Glass – including the toughness, optical clarity as well as the touch sensitivity; with that of super scratch resistance approach for watch cover materials.

Corning reports that this Gorilla SR+ glass has a rate of 70% improved damage resistance in comparison to that of alternative cover protection materials. Furthermore, allegedly due to 25% better sun reflection there is better readability in various situations including where the sun is shining directly on the watch.

Corning; however, is not the only company to attempt to develop such glass protectors. Apple has also implemented sapphire for the protection of Apple Watch and Apple Watch Editions. However, due to the pricing of production with this material they had to reproduce a cheaper ion-impregnated glass referred to as “Ion-X”. This was introduced with the entry level Apple Watch Sport.

Scott Forester, a director at Corning Gorilla Glass responsible for innovative products stated that the combination evident in the Gorilla SR+ is far out the league of any similar objects in the market as of this period of time, stating that it is in a class of its own.

Corning believes that their Gorilla SR+ will be implemented later in the year for consumer devices from “Leading Global brands” – although the question still remains on which tech giants are planning to incorporate the use of this highly resilient glass wear protection.

Corning Gorilla Glass has been used on over 4.5 billion devices globally. This amount is inclusive of over 1,800 product models over a variety of 40 major brands.