Washington D.C. – CIA director, John Brennan is the latest target of notorious secret-publishing website WikiLeaks. The spy chief’s private email account was apparently compromised and documents in it stolen. WikiLeaks has already published the first installment of documents it intends to release from Brennan’s personal email. The development comes as former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, set to answer questions relating to Benghazi terror issue where the matter of her use of private server for official emails likely to come up.

WikiLeaks’ unrelenting anti-secrecy campaign has caught up with Brennan, the U.S. spymaster. It has published documents that it claims were obtained from the personal email of Brennan. The already published files from the inbox of Brennan appear to be only an appetizer as they don’t reveal much or seriously damaging details as what WikiLeaks has promised to release in the coming days.

Nevertheless, publishing of documents from Brennan’s private email is likely to cause him serious embarrassment, although nothing secret has come out as yet.

Published information

Among the documents that WikiLeaks has released from Brennan’s email account include the spymaster’s detailed work record, list of friends and associates and their contacts, a security clearance form and personal and family details.

Former CIA director, George Tenet, is among those who phone contacts have been exposed by WikiLeaks in the stolen documents it has already published. Tenet directed the CIA between 1996 and 2004.

Some other information stolen from Brennan and already published includes a letter sent to Brennan in 2008 by Christopher Bond, who was then vice chairman of the U.S. Senate committee on Intelligence. Bond’s letter called for an end to what he described as harsh interrogation methods.

Attack on AOL email

The leaks come only days after a high school teenager claimed to have gained access into the personal email account of Brennan hosted by AOL. The hacker used low-tech strategy to raid Brennan’s private email account.

WikiLeaks has promised to publish more and potentially damaging leaks from Brennan’s personal email.

With Clinton set to appear before Congress over the Benghazi terrorist attack issue, the attack on Brennan’s emails is likely to complicate matters for her over the use of private server for official communications.