Chicago City has announced that it plans to sue the Department of Justice for pushing an agenda against funding sanctuary cities.

Chicago City’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the plans on Sunday, revealing that the city is looking to take action against the federal government for withholding funds designated for sanctuary cities. The mayor argues that the Department of Justice has been withholding millions of dollars that was supposed to be used as police grant money for the sanctuary cities. Emmanuel argues that the new regulations for a federal-crime fighting grant are contrary to the Constitution as well as the values of Chicago city.

“Chicago will not let our police officers become political pawns in a debate,” stated Emmanuel while addressing the press on the matter.

Chicago City against the Federal Government

Just a week ago, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated that applicants for the grants would have to reveal information about undocumented immigrants in order to receive the funding. The statement was seen as offensive and a tall order for state governments. It pins them against the proverbial wall and Emmanuel announced that he will not be forced to choose between having a well-funded community police and immigrant rights.

Mayor Emmanuel stated that he and his team will act immediately to make sure that there is a court ruling on the matter. He also stated that the courts have previously prevented the Trump administration from imposing harsh refugee and immigration policies. The city was expecting to receive $3.2 million from the grant and they planned to use the money to fight crime this year.

Ed Siskel, the legal representative for Chicago City stated that the Department of Justice does not have the right to commandeer law enforcement so that it can force its agenda on federal immigration laws. The lawyer also stated that it was not right that the city’s residents are being forced to violate their constitutional rights. Chicago Police representative Eddie Johnson also spoke out over the issue. He stated that the police are responsible for investigating crime, not immigration status.