The new flagship retail store of Apple in Chicago will come to its final stage by October 2017 and the final cost of building/ completing the entire project is stipulated at $27 million, much less than what the company had initially expected ($62 million). Apple’s new flagship retail store at the riverfront in Chicago was once dubbed as a “Glass Temple.”

Cost revision puts the price akin to other international flagship locations

The international flagship locations of the company are estimated at almost around $27 million. However, initially the company, along with its partners, had come out at a figure ($62 million), which was even more than Apple’s San Francisco based flagship store. The constructions permits were then sent for approval to Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development.

Apple gearing up to serve the Windy City

Situated at one of the prime locations of Chicago, the new flagship retail store sits at the front of north bank of Chicago River. The store sits at one end of North Michigan Avenue, the famous shopping district. This is a 20,000-square-foot glass facility that is gearing up for serving the needs of this city.

The building architecture is defined to be exceptionally grand with everything almost glass and the front facing the river. The creation of store’s beautiful design is attributed to Norman Foster from Foster + Partners. The world renowned architect has been literally the ‘Apple of eye’ for the company, for he was also once picked by Steve Jobs for Cupertino –based Campus 2 headquarters.

Will the new Apple store bring a breath of fresh air for shopping corridor?

It is expected that the riverside retail campus may also refurbish the shopping corridor of the area, making it more accessible to people willing to take a foot-ride.  Stone Real Estate Corp President, David Stone, in this matter, says that there is a huge expectation from Apple to attract major traffic in the area.