Steve Wynn, whose net worth is about 3.5 billion USD is in great trouble after a large number of people came out to accuse him of sexual misconduct.

There was one woman that made claims that he compelled her to have sex Shorty after giving him a manicure. The woman told Wynn that she was wife to someone and did not want to engage in the act. A persistent Wynn was out of control pressuring the woman to take off her clothes and lie on the massaging table.

Being left out of options, the woman eventually took off her clothes and the two engaged in the sexual act. The supervisor of the woman went ahead to disclose that she had filed a detailed report which was an elaborate recount of the experience and handed it over to the casino’s human resources department. Wynn was later on compelled to give $7.5 million as a form of settlement which he did.

A person familiar with the matter said, “The incident was broadly referenced in a lawsuit in which Wynn’s ex-wife, Elaine Wynn, sought to lift restrictions on the sale of her stock in Wynn Resorts Ltd., and Wynn’s attorneys later admitted he made the personal payment in a court filing, according to report.

A number of news reporters reached out to him and they wanted to get his side of the story. Wynn was quick to dismiss the claims asserting that it was preposterous for anyone to even associate him with something so demeaning.

He went further to say that times were fast changing and that the world had gotten to a point where people would move ahead and make false allegations. According to him people no longer paid attention to the truth and the one was left with a huge burden was the accused person.

He affirmed that it was deplorable for any dignified human to find himself or herself in such a situation. He said that a lot of people were quick to embrace lies in place of glaring truth.