2017 seems to be the year of innovation for almost all big-brand name tech giants out there, various competitors bringing out key platforms, products, and services, which may impact the industry as an entirety. However, one giant has supposedly forgotten the meeting, Apple, but have they really?

There has been a lot of criticism and doubt placed into Apple, due to its constant falling behind in vital departments, such as Virtual and augmented reality. However, there was a gem hidden in the sand, when Apple released the latest and greatest Airpod product, back in September 2016.

What exactly was this gem that makes Apple the elephant in the room

In order to be the best in tech rivalry, often it means that you need to control, the pioneers of technology. However, the W1 chip, which Apple released, capable of revolutionizing user-friendliness on Bluetooth devices, was forgotten, despite the possibilities, this technology can yield.

Not only are their fantastic benefits, in terms of usability for consumers, but this product also keeps Apple relevant to its competitors. Apple has brought the world of the day in, day out headphone listeners something that can fundamentally improve their experience, while enhancing their connectivity, through means such as Siri, which is the Artificial Intelligence, for Apple.

More about the benefits of the W1 Chip that make it such an innovation

The W1 chip acts as a connector of sorts between your device, and your smartphone. It has been stated that the W1 chip, can work with Android devices. However, it is better suited for Apple devices.

In order to use this technology, on the headset for example, simply turn the headset on, place it next to the device, and click ‘connect’. Now, not only are they connected to one account, any Apple gadget connected to said account, will be able to pair with this device.

There are also a few other benefits of this technology for the consumer, such as longer range listening, without lack of audio transmission, and of course, better quality sound, which is essential.