Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday went public to reiterate the strong stand by Israel to oppose the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. The prime minster was holding a meeting with Mauricio Macri , the Argentinean President and was firm in terming the deal a bad one. According to him, the only viable options were to either cancel the deal or fix it.

Netanyahu also said that the US had given a false report regarding Israeli’s position in the matter. He revealed that Israel was not in support of the agreement purporting that there was great need to change its terms.

Macri generally addressed the great need for nations around the world to join hands in the fight against terrorism. He said that the visit by Netanyahu was a major step forward towards the enhancement of bilateral relations. He added that just like Israel, Argentina had great trust in the talent and energy of its people.

Netanyahu praised Macri for the lead role he had played towards initiating economic reforms. At the San Martin Palace, the Prime Minister was able to lay a wreath in honor of Gen. José de San Martin, the country’s hero of independence.

It had earlier been rumored that Netanyahu would be greeted with protests in the Argentinean protests. A number of people were seen holding signs against him from the San Martin Palace. The Israel leader went ahead to trash the rumors that he had plans to leave politics in the near future. He said that he did not even have any intentions to call up for new elections any time soon.

Investigations have been ongoing and a number of reporters took to asking whether the prime minister would prefer calling for an election in a move to give him renewed legitimacy. He said that he wouldn’t give up so easily. In 2019, he hopes to lead his Likud party to an outstanding victory.

The eldest son of Netanyahu has finally deleted an anti-semitic post after an uproar from a number of people.

One critic who was bitter about the post stated, “What is it, genetics or a spontaneous mental illness? It doesn’t matter. In any case, we ought to pay for him to have a psychiatrist, not a bodyguard and a chauffeur.”