Author: Pam Willis

Google Wins Some And Loses Some

The dominance of Google in online advertising continues. According to eMarketer, a market research firm, the online search giant is expected to command approximately 37.2% of the United States market compared to 38.6% last year. However this was not the first time that eMarketer was projecting a contraction in market share for Google since the market research firm had done the same in 2016. For a long time Google’s closest competitor in the online advertising market has been Facebook. The social media giant’s market share in the United States is expected to decline to 19.6% from a figure of...

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Italian Elections Unfold Unpredictably, Voters Reject Five Star Coalition

The Italian elections recently took place on Sunday and the results have so far revealed that the Five Star Coalition is currently leading and this is a huge blow to the European Union because the political party is Anti-EU. The latest results suggest that the Five Star Movement is currently the largest party in the elections which might reportedly change the course of European history. Majority of the votes in the exit elections were in support of the anti-EU candidates and this presents a huge challenge to the EU. It had previously been believed that the Italians would majorly...

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Sony PlayStation Network Status: PSN Experiences Disruption During The Weekend

Sony has been having quite a rough weekend following the disruptions taking place on its gaming platform’s network but the latest on the PlayStation Network (PSN) status suggest that things might be getting back to normal. The PlayStation Network Status page revealed that the PSN had issues multiple times within a span of three days. Fortunately, this time it was not as serious as previous instances where all the services on the network were down. The problems affected online gaming as well as social services and a few online features, rendering them inaccessible to users. “You may have some...

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XFL Football 2020 Comeback. The Teams And Rules.

Vince McMahon, WWE founder and chairman announced that he will give a professional football league, the XFL, a comeback in 2020. Teams & Rules • 40 man rosters • 10-game season beginning in January • Two-hour game-time goal • Any player with a criminal record precluded from playing • Players won’t receive forum to take personal stance on social issues on playing field The initial outlay of money is expected to be $100 million. Comments from McMahon: “I wanted to do this since the day we stopped the other one,” McMahon told ESPN. “A chance to do it with no...

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Joel Taylor: Storm Chaser’s Cause Of Death

Joel Taylor, one of the starts of the Discovery series “Storm Chasers” has died. His death was confirmed by a family representative. He was 38. “We can confirm that Joel Taylor has passed away while on a cruise,” said funeral director Richard Duggar II in a statement he provided on behalf of Taylor’s family. “The cause of the death has not yet been determined. We ask for your understanding during this difficult time and your respect for the family while they deal with the loss of their son.” There are suggestions that the cause of death may be a drug...

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