Author: Mark Aldridge

Stephanie Clifford Opens Up On Her Relationship With Trump And His Oppressive Behavior

Stephanie Clifford, widely known for her leading roles in pornographic film has made a shocking revelation. The renowned actor has disclosed that Donald J. Trump after having an affair with her had proceeded to offer her a $130,000 deal in an effort to gag her so that she couldn’t reveal details that would tarnish the name of the U.S leader. Clifford has revealed that matters escalated in the 2016 campaign where she feared quite much about her young daughter’s safety as well as hers. Reports coming up are pointing to the fact that way back in 2011 she got...

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State Media Pronounces The Death Fidel Castro’s Eldest Son ‘Fidelito’

The son of the late Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro is dead. Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, commonly referred to as “Fidelito” – little Fidel resembled the father a huge deal and everyone hoped that to the end he would showcase courage like his father did all his life towards liberating the country. That did not come to pass after he took a step his father couldn’t probably have considered in his lifetime. It was on Thursday when Cuba’s state media reported that Fidelito had taken his own life at the age of 68. Fidelito was a product of his father’s first marriage...

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U.S Homeland Secretary Extends Temporary Stay For 7, 000 Syrian’s Refugees

More than 7,000 Syrians living in the U.S can heave a sigh of relief, as they have been granted temporary permission, to stay in the country.  Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen in a statement said, the immigrants will be allowed to stay in the country for another 18 months, awaiting the outcome of ongoing conflict back at home. “After carefully considering conditions on the ground, I have determined that it is necessary to extend the Temporary Protected Status designation for Syria,” Ms. Nielsen said in a statement. “It is clear that the conditions upon which Syria’s designation was...

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IKEA Founder, Ingvar Kamprad Dies Leaving Behind An Outstanding Legacy

Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad has died. However, he leaves behind a professional legacy which he will be remembered for in future. The Scandinavian-designed furniture designed along the lines of both simplicity and affordability will continue serving as inspiration for those willing to venture in the field. The personal legacy of the departed expert was associated with several intricacies. And along that particular line were flirtations with fascism and there was also the reputation for strict frugality. It was on Saturday when Kamprad succumbed to death and he is said to have been at 91.He was in his home in Smaland...

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Rodger Federer Attributes Win At Australian Open to His Ability to Maintain Focus

Rodger Federer through hard work and dedication has succeeded to make a big name for himself. His networth at the moment stands at about $420 million and is said to be enjoying a fulfilling relationship with his wife Mirka Federer. The wife to this player was a former Tennis Association player and the two lovebirds are said to have met years ago at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The Australian Open final had kick-started on a rather terrible note for Roger Federer. After losing the fourth set the player appeared quite frustrated. Most of his fans were almost giving up...

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