Author: Lou Simms

Retired Pope Benedict XVI Speaks Out About His Fading Strength Asserting He Is Closer To God

Retired Pope Benedict XVI has outlined that he is journeying towards God. For a record period of about 600 years he turned out to be the fisrt pope to give his resignation letter. He said, “I am touched to know how many of the readers of your newspaper want to know how I am experiencing this last period of my life. In that regard, I can only say that, with the slow diminishing of my physical strength, inwardly I am on a pilgrimage toward Home.” The retired Catholic top official is 90 years old at the moment and he...

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Pentagon Compelled To Pull Down Nuclear Report After Indicating Taiwan To Be A Part Of China

It was sometime back when the Defense Department proceeded to pronounce Taiwan as part of mainland China in its Nuclear Posture Review. It is currently being faced with immense pressure to issue a correction to the move and it is seemingly showing cooperation. It was on Saturday when the Japan Times posed a question seeking to strike a better understanding regarding the reason as to why the Islands of Taiwan had been colored in with the Chinese flag in some sections of the Nuclear Posture Review. The Pentagon was remorseful and it was quick to admit that it had...

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North Korea Military Pulls Back Exercises As Trump Administration Puts Pressure On Kim Jong Un

North Korea announced recently that it’s backing off its winter military exercises as a signal amid President Donald Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ to force Kim Jong Un to consider tabling a negotiation. North Korea military drills were supposed to run from December to March 2018 but started at a later date, US official told Wall Street Journal. The slowdown in the military exercises could be due to the increased global fuel prices or the lawful political will on the side of North Korea to cool down the recent tension. According to Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, commander of the US’s forces...

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Trump to Use His First State of the Union Address to Speak out on Economic Progress

President Donald Trump is at the moment targeting economic progress. And he has made it clear that in his first State of the Union address he will speak elaborately on the matter. He sees great need to focus on the construction of bridges and roads. And he thinks that dream will only come true if he manages to push for bipartisanship with Democrats on the matter. Trump, now more than ever is showcasing great determination to help the U.S move past the Russia investigation. It was on Sunday when the White House disclosed that the President was going to speak...

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