Author: Lou Simms

Energy Drinks To Continue Growth At The Expense Of Carbonated Drinks

Energy drinks are no longer a niche product and they now form one of the fastest growing segments in the drinks market across the globe. Part of this change has come from an increasing focus on health and fitness by consumers. Last year the worldwide energy drinks market was worth approximately $55 billion. In the period between 2018 and 2023 the worldwide energy drinks market is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 3.7%. Due to the fact that energy drinks are advertised as alternatives for carbonated drinks there is a significant number of consumers who...

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Gridlock In The U.S. Senate – A Bug Or A Feature?

While gridlock in the U.S. Senate might seem like a new phenomenon it is not. The term is said to have been inducted into the political lexicon following the elections of 1980. However it might come as a surprise to many to learn that over two centuries ago Alexander Hamilton was voicing complaints concerning the deadlock that was prevalent in the Continental Congress then. The conclusion that can be drawn from this is that gridlock is inherent in the American political system and is a result of the separation of powers which inevitably has the various branches of government...

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Putin Emerges Winner In The Russian Election

It is President Vladimir Putin again and those uncomfortable with the win he garnered on Sunday will have to conform. It was a clear win since the margin between him and the second candidate was quite wide. There has been an ongoing confrontation between the Russian leader and the West and his win is being viewed differently by the concerned parties. Mr. Putin has been at the helm of power for about 18 years and things are on the up for him again since he will be serving at the top office for another new six year term. The...

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Russia Asserts It Is Done Testing The Advanced Hypersonic Missile

Russia’s Defense Ministry has made its latest statement outlining that it conducted tests of the ‘invincible’ missiles which earlier on President Vladimir Putin had stated could deliver a warhead at hypersonic speed which could bring the US defenses to its knees. A person following on the latest developments but who wanted his identity kept anonymous stated, “A MiG-31 fighter crew of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted a combat training launch of a hypersonic missile of the Kinzhal high-precision air missile system in the designated area. The hypersonic missile confirmed its technical operational performance and timing data of the Kinzhal...

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Apple, Valve, LG Invest $10 Million In Maker Of OLED Microdisplays

Valve, LG and Apple are investing approximately $10 million in a Hopewell Junction, New York-based firm, eMagin, a maker of OLED microdisplays that are used in the industrial, medical and military fields though in the recent past it has begun supplying to firms that make consumer headset devices. This was revealed in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. The investment will see the three firms issued with eMagin shares. Apple, Valve and LG also stand to benefit from getting first priority when it comes to supplies. It is understood that the three invested in the firm in order to...

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