Author: Jeff Thomas

Ivanka Trump And Pence Among Major World Figures That Attend The 2018 Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games was a huge event that brought together several world leaders. Some of the major figures present included Vice President Mike Pence, Kim Jong UN’s sister not forgetting the large number of guests that had converged to witness the historic event. It was on Feb. 9 that the games started in Pyeongchang and it was the main subject of talk in Korea. It goes without saying that cheering the athletes was the common goal. However, it is also crucial to point out that some of the Olympic guests saw it as the perfect opportunity to move...

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Iran Plane Crash Reportedly Kills All 65 Aboard; Use Of Aging Aircrafts Hits Aseman Airlines Badly

An Iranian plane Aseman Airlines ATR-72 crashed on Sunday reportedly killing all the 65 passengers aboard. The airplane was kept grounded for more than seven years and was brought back into service only a couple of months ago. According to officials, the crash occurred in the mountainous, foggy region of southern Iran. The ATR-72 was a twin-engine turboprop which was restrictively used only for short-distance local or regional flying. The plane crashed near the southern city of Yasuj, 485 to the south of the capital city of Tehran. The flight was to land in Yasuj so was very near...

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Court Of Arbitration Discloses It Will Give Its Ruling On The Russian Appeals

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has moved ahead to state that it will on Friday give its ruling regarding 45 Russian athletes’ appeals. They have been making all efforts to make sure that they are a part of the upcoming Olympics. It was on Thursday when the court heard the cases of two coaches and the athletes. It has specified that it will give its ruling in the morning at 11 a.m. local time. That will be in a matter of 9 hours before the Pyeongchang Games kick start. In numerous instances the Russian athletes have made protests at...

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Maldives Declared State of Emergency As Crisis Deepens

The Maldives government has declared a 15-day state of emergency amid an increasing political crisis in the nation. The Indian Ocean country has experienced a bitter standoff as the president and the Supreme Court remain adamant with their decision. However, the US government has strongly condemned the 15-day decree, which is believed to impose a travel ban to the nation. The soldiers forced their way into the Supreme Court building where the judges were said to be hiding, the moment the state of emergency was announced. According to the lawyer of the opposition leader Moumoon Abdul Gayoom, the security...

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A Russian Su-27 Jet Performs An Unsafe Intercept Of A US Navy Surveillance Plane

Moscow has been put on the spot over unsafe military practices following reports of a Russian jet, which flew too close to an American spy plane over the Black Sea.  The Russian Su-27 jet is said to have flown at a distance of 1.5m away from the EP-3 spy plane and crossed directly in front of the flight path of the American jet in international airspace. According to the Defense Ministry, an “unidentified air target” was spotted approaching Russian airspace and immediately, the US Naval Forces Europe took guard.  The A Su-27 fighter was dispatched to seize the target...

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