The recent public opinion survey in Australia brought it out clearly that many were in support of the same-sex marriage. It has been a long and tiresome struggle to get to that point and it is still ongoing.

The margin of victory was outstanding clearing the doubts that have always existed over where Australians stand regarding the matter. One thing that comes out pretty clearly from the whole matter is the fact that the costs of the mail-in survey had been staggering both psychologically and financially as well.

It is a new dawn for the country with the “yes” camp now celebrating wherever they are. But the country cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that the recent development has left a large number of citizens frustrated. They believe that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull slept on his job. They think that the previous polls have pointed out to what most of the Australians wanted and that he should have gone ahead to pass the bill long ago.

One of Australia’s most respected pollsters for progressive causes, Peter Lewis, opined, “I don’t feel like it says that we’re ahead of any sort of pack on this issue, but ultimately the popular will has overridden the cynical use of a system — and that’s heartening. It shows the people are way ahead of the current government.”

It was on Wednesday that a number of lawmakers proceeded to unveil a bill with bipartisan support which if everything moves according to plan would eventually legalize same-sex marriage by the end of the year. A number of critics have come forward saying that they took too long to introduce it.

At this point in time Australia’s Parliament seems weaker than it has ever been before. Earlier on it had focused its efforts on booting out members for being citizens. The special elections could be what it takes to force a change of government.

During a recent interview several gay couples launched arguments asserting that the passage of the bill was already overdue. According to them, all the government needed was to read the minds of Australians and just make it happen.